Burma – Behind the Bamboo Curtain

This large-scale reportage  is the most comprehensive photographic document produced behind the “Bamboo Curtain” since the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) seized power in 1988. The result of extensive travels, the photographs depict the country’s parallel worlds of tradition and alienation – the refuge taken in Burmese Buddhist culture and the suffering resulting from the junta’s campaign of intimidation and terror. This inside view of a country that has fallen off the map is flanked by coverage of the insurgency and war on the Thai border and of the exodus of the Rohingya Muslim minority, driven from their lands to Bangladesh.

The reportage was commissioned and published by DU, Zürich, and became part of Delta. The Perils, Profits and Politics of Water in South and Southeast Asia.


Scalo, Zürich 1999
Foreign Correspondent’s Club, Phnom Penh 1997
Foreign Correspondent’s Club, Bangkok 1992

Group exhibitions

Burma 1992–2012, 2Snakestudio, Bangkok 2012
Modena per la Fotografia (Birmania. Cambogia: Il mondo, la carne, il diavolo), Modena 1995