Eine Lektion in sehendem Denken
Das Werk des Schweizer Fotografen Daniel Schwartz

Das Magazin No 29/30 September 2023
Supplement to Tages-Anzeiger, Basler Zeitung, Berner Zeitung und Der Bund



Kunstmuseum Luzern, Lucerne
30 September 2023–4 February 2024

Collective Exhibition
by the VII Photographers

See through the Noise

VII Foundation, Alexandra Boulat Campus, Arles
26 June 2023–January 2024

Online Talk
A Question of Ice

18 May 2022

Photo London

Listen to Daniel Schwartz and Jean de Pomereu in conversation with by William L. Fox, Nevada Museum of Art

Video starts with the presentation From Delta to Glacier (Time code 18:20). It can be viewed from the start

Group exhibition

Imagine: Reflections on Peace
A Multimedia Exhibition by the VII Foundation

United States Institute of Peace, Washington
2 June–1 August 2022

Group exhibition

Intertwingled. The role of the Rug in Arts, Crafts and Design

Galleria Nazionale Arte Moderna e Contemporaneo, Roma
22 March–4 September 2022

To the right of the door:
Cotton Fields. Syr-Darya Region, Uzbekistan, 3 October 2002
Inkjet print from Color Negativ, 2022 (Image size 70 x 70 cm)
From: Travelling through the Eye of History

The work is shown together with Emilio Vedova, Senza titolo, 1953-59, 35 x 49 cm, mixed media on paper (above) and
Jackson Pollock, Painting A, 1950, 57 x 77 cm, oil on cardboard (to the right)

Online Publication

10 July 2020

Photo London

View P.L. Academy Publication, Issue 10 (including two short videos)

Art Prize

Olten, Switzerland, 11 November 2019

Art Prize Canton of Solothurn, 2019

View award speech by Daniel Schwartz (English subtitles)


The Friend
Navid Kermani on Daniel Schwartz and their Walk in the Hindu Kush that didn’t happen

Das Magazin No 03/19 January 2019
Supplement to Tages-Anzeiger, Basler Zeitung, Berner Zeitung und Der Bund

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One amusing work of travel literature that scarcely anyone in the German-speaking world has read is Eric Newby’s A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush. Published in 1958, it describes the attempt of two English eccentrics – one of them the then 24-year-old Newby – to climb a twenty-thousand-foot peak in Afghanistan. Neither has any experience of mountaineering and their adventure, predictably, ends in fiasco. Which matters not one jot, at least not as far as the quality of the writing is concerned, so glorious are Newby’s descriptions of the country and its people, so dryly self-deprecating his account of his own exploits.
When Swiss photographer Daniel Schwartz approached me last spring and suggested that he and his friend the famous German writer and Orientalist Navid Kermani repeat Newby’s ‘walk’, I therefore agreed without hesitation. Both men are seasoned travellers and were concerned less with Newby’s affectation of dandyism than with documenting how the glaciers in this dangerous corner of the world are in retreat. Schwartz was to take photographs while Kermani, who speaks Farsi, engaged the locals in conversation. But then Kermani had to pull out at the last minute so that Schwartz set off without him, camera in hand. Back home in Cologne, Kermani did what he does best, as anyone who has read his magisterial novel Dein Name will confirm: he continued writing up his life, recording his experiences one day at a time. And of course he reflected on the trip he had had to cancel, his friendship with Daniel, his worries as a father. For this issue, therefore, we have brought together two very different bodies of work, which to our mind complement each other perfectly.
Finn Canonica, Editor-in-Chief, Das Magazin, Zürich


The idea was for Swiss photographer Daniel Schwartz and German author Navid Kermani to take a walk in the Hindu Kush for Das Magazin. But when Kermani had to pull out at the last minute, Schwartz set off alone to photograph the melting glaciers. Kermani’s text is not, therefore, a travelogue, bur rather a written record of a year spent at home in Cologne – his musings on the trip he never took, an illness in the family, the never-ending heat wave of the summer of 2018, and much more besides. By no means least, it is a touching portrait of Daniel Schwartz, the friend he had to send off into the world without him.
(Followed by extracts from Navid Kermani’s journal)


While the Fires Burn. A Glacier Odyssey

Bündner Kunstmuseum, Chur
10 November 2018–17 February 2019

View SRF Swiss Public TV program (9 January 2019) on Daniel Schwartz and Sebastiao Salgado (Swiss german/German)

The alarming findings of climate change research hardly reach the general public and it takes art to get the message out. In this respect, the photography of Daniel Schwartz has major implications. His work on global warming dates back to the 1990s when he documented life and death in the river deltas in Asia. His project While the Fires Burn, A Glacier Odyssey, documents global glacier collapse. A glaciology in images, his black & white photographs are the result of an intense dialogue with science. In the present, they contribute to the awareness of the issue, in the future, they will be of relevance for the understanding of climate history. Schwartz’s exhibition in the Grisons Museum of Art, Chur, Switzerland, is juxtaposed with Sebastiao Salgados’ Genesis exhibition in Zurich, and the latter’s digital enhancement to Schwartz’s purist analog method.


A Small Voice.
Conversations with Photographers.

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Documentary film

Beyond the Obvious
Daniel Schwartz

A portrait, placing the photographer’s glacier odyssey for the book and exhibition While the Fires Burn. A Glacier Odyssey in the context of his endeavours spanning more than three decades.

70 min
Director Vadim Jendreyko
Screenplay Frank Vorpahl & Vadim Jendreyko
Producer GoldenEggProduction
In co-production with Sternstunde-Kunst, SRF / Swiss Public TV
In association with Mira Film

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Beirut Art Film Festival

Beirut, 20–25 November 2018


Berlin, 4–21 October 2018
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24th Film Festival Della Lessina

Bosco Chiesanuova, Italy, 24 August–2 September, 2018
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7ième Deauville Green Awards

Festival international des productions audiovisuelles
pour le développment durable et les éco-innovations
Deauville, France, 19–20 June, 2018
Trophée d’Argent dans la compétition Documentaire

Festival International du Film sur l’art

Montréal, 8–18 March 2018

53. Solothurner Filmtage

Solothurn, Switzerland, 25 January–1 February 2018


Die Dunkelkammer ist die andere Küche

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Zürich, 27. Dezember 2017

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While the Fires Burn. A Glacier Odyssey

Thames & Hudson
October 2017