Algarve – Landscape under Siege

The litoral of the Algarve in Portugal is known for its rugged cliffs interspersed with beaches, golf courses, and luxury resorts. A journey from Faro to Ponta de Sagres, Europe’s most southwesterly point, reveals the more mundane sight of overbuilding, an unbroken string of white elephant projects, and wanton disregard for the environment.

As a “transition region,” according to EU regional policy (whose per capita GDP is between 75 and 90 percent of the EU average), the Algarve is a recipient of structural funds from the European Regional Development Fund. As tourism counts as strategic economic development, planning on the ground pays little heed to the industry’s sensitivity to fluctuations in the global economy and to changing tastes and lifestyles.

The survey was commissioned by Encontros de Fotografia, Coimbra.


Sul, Encontros de Fotografia, Coimbra 1998

Group Exhibition

Sul, Encontros de Fotografia, Coimbra 1998